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JJ's Consulting: Get the help you need without a Management Contract

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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for JJ Artist Consulting. The significance of sound and uniqueness of style are on full display with each piece of work they are involved in. 

Mission: To help you achieve your professional goals. Consulting Songwriters,Artists, Players and Performers at all stages in their career. Those aspiring to work in the industry are welcome as well.  

MOTTO: "Leave people better than you found them." - Les Hall (Rock Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and wise friend)

What you can expect: Full transparency, discretion, and Customized advice to your goals. Personalized as needed consulting and Management services.

No Commission fees!

No up-charging on 3rd party services (as others do not disclose). 

24/7 Availability to select Clients

  • Tour Management

  • Event Safety

  • Contract Assistance

  • Career Strategy

  • Establish Your End Game

  • Connect you with the contacts you need 

  • Network with or for you

  • Attend meetings on your behalf

  • Logistics

  • Routing

  • Resource Assistance ("You mean I can have health benefits and more?" Yep! In many cases!)

  • Sometimes the deal you THINK you want isn't actually what fits your goals. Let's talk about it!

  • New to Nashville or the "scene"? Let's chat and I will connect you with the resources to get you going!

  • Songwriter? Performer? Musician? Hired Gun? Solo/Duo/Band? Originals? Covers? Deal or No-Deal? Showcase? These are just a few things to determine as early as possible and I am happy to help!

  • To sign or not sign- let's chat!

  • How important IS Social Media? - That depends! -Let's Chat!

  • Radio? Tours? Local? Songwriting Circles? - Depends! Let's Chat!

Booking Assistance in some cases

For the DIY:   Learn how to:-Create a winning EPK and One Sheet-Booking requests-Routing Assistance-Tips and Resources through the entire process from recording, producing- shows, radio,registration, distribution, advances, booking and so much more!

*First consult just $25!

 Now based out of LA while attending Law School to better help you in the future!

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“Be sure to leave people better than when you found them.”- Les Hall 
“You only fail when you quit” -JJ

Full Concert

Contact: (JJ Monville on IG)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and learn more about JJ Artist Consulting.

Nashville, TN, USA


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