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Respected Insights

JJ's Consulting is always striving to be her best. Have a look at what respected members of the music industry are saying about Jessie and her impact on the music scene. (More coming soon as the page is new! But don't be afraid to ask around in the meantime!)

Matty Hook (Matt Wood)

Your Trusted Musical Guide

"Your words are Biblical" says Matty Hook. We worked on music/song critique and song selection.


Founder and Lead Singer

"I am dedicating this first album to you, because before we talked I was about to quit music." - Anon.

Yo Brando (Brandon Rotellini)

The Latest Music Updates

"Jessie is the kind of person that you can totally and undoubtedly trust. If she tells you something you can completely feel at ease and know that is in YOUR best interest. She's one of those very rare people that genuinely cares about the people she works with, and wants nothing but the best for them. When you win a Grammy, she'll be the first one you thank. I am Brandon, "Yo Brando" Rotellini, and I approve this message. "

Frank C. Baird-

Live Production for Universal Crush (Monitor Tuning and tech 10k+ outdoor) and Maybe April (tech)

"JessicaAnne came to my production class from the business side. Her communication on the front end regarding what the class was about and how she could be successful in it was very good. … Ms. Monville showed initiative and accepted responsibility for setting up and assisting in tuning the sound system. She put in the extra time needed to gain understanding outside of class. On the day of the show (10,000 capacity), she showed great enthusiasm for realizing that she could tackle such a big project. I reiterate my appreciation for JessicaAnne Monville and her desire to be a productive part of the entertainment community. .. I also believe she has the ability to successfully work and would provide a generous supportive spirit to any organization."- Frank Baird Professor MTSU Recording Industry

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