Managers Suck. I don’t Need One

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t wrong! Wait, what did she just say? While there are some amazing Managers out there, in general the bad apple spoils the bunch.

Let’s start with a few misconceptions.

-A manager is NOT a booker. For the sake of this blog, look up WME, CAA as two examples of what a booking agency role is.

-I am just starting out I don’t need a manager! This is the most common thought on the topic of Management. You don’t know what you don’t know. (And that goes for all of us!). To prevent months or years of spinning wheels only to find out you are off course, find a Consultant or Manager early on who can ensure your decisions align with your goals.

-15% of 0 is 0 right? This is why I structured assistance the way I have. Do most eople receive paychecks before or after the work is performed? Exactly. So you be the judge to determine what the help is worth to you. Money should not be the root cause of why you are not seeking advice to ensure you are on the best suited path for your individual goals, and to have an Allie in your corner going to bat for you.

-Remember, when your friend or fellow musician shares “the way” they feel is best for you to “make it”, it is certainly intended to be in your best interest. But let’s keep in mind the path to an Artist’s individual’s goals can vary greatly. There are many factors involved. If you would like to learn more about why this is the case, please reach out to Jessie or someone who works specifically with wide scope of the various routes possible to find what will fit best for your goals before making a commitment that will cost you time, and money that are two coveted necessities in launching or furthering your career toward YOUR ultimate goal.

****I know it is tempting to be intimidated by name dropping or “but it worked for...” “they worked with...” etc., but just remember, the circumstances are always going to be different from person to person regardless of the name recognition. Find YOUR best plan. If there were a direct cookie cutter that worked for said name dropper, everyone would be doing it that way and we wouldn’t need to ask right? Let’s chat and moved passed the noise to map out your Journey.

-Last but not least! Let’s face it, there are an overwhelming number of networking events alone and you need to focus on being the creator /performer. Let’s talk about how these topics relate to you!

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